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We offer made to order custom Cradled Artist Panels and Key Holed Artist Panels. All panels are made to order and customized in dimension, depth and surface treatment.   Our expertise in archival practices, craftsmanship and material knowledge allow us to provide our clients with the confidence in the products longevity. 
We use Appleply plywood for our cradled and key holed artist panels because we believe it is the best material available for artist support panels in addition to being an environmentally conscious product.  Appleply plywood is composed of a total of 13plys. It remains flat due to its 13ply hardwood core construction that is faced and backed with maple veneer and laminated with soy and phenolic adhesives.  Appleply plywood does not use urea-formaldehyde adhesives.  It is an environmentally responsible product that qualifies for LEED IEQ and exceeds CARB 93120.12. It is made in Eugene, Oregon.   *13ply is based on ¾” dimension
Please contact us with your order inquires by phone or at Irwinartframes@gmail.com .  All products are made to order please schedule appropriately for lead time.  We are happy to ship panels and corresponding Floater Frames.
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