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Irwin Art Frames offers a variety of custom display solutions including pedestals, acrylic display cases, client-designed shelves, client-designed framing profile and large scale framing.   We have worked closely with artists, designers, museum personnel and collectors planning their project.  Our consultations may begin with our client having an idea of a look or feeling that they want to accomplish to as technical as discussing large scale framing.  We are able to address the special needs of large scale framing in our fully equipped woodshop, where the frames are engineered to maintain their structural integrity.  All of our products are of superior quality and are constructed for longevity.

 As artists, our background in sculpture has prepared us for aesthetic decisions as well as creative problem solving and a diverse understanding of materials. We consider ourselves unique in our ability to provide clients with our level of individualized service. 


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Irwin Art Frames LLC * 4520 Worth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124
Phone: 215.292.8001 * Email: irwinartframes@gmail.com


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