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Our picture frames are made for the preservation of art as well as display.  We create a ph neutral environment for artwork by using Rising Museum Board, Japanese paper hinges as well as reversible archival methods of hinging.  Rising Museum Board is 100% cotton rag matt that we offer in both 4ply and 8ply weights.  We offer top float matts and window matt packages in both 4ply and 8ply.  In keeping with archival practice, we use the 100% rag matt as spacers to line the interior of the frame.
We practice only reversible hinging methods with our own Mulberry Japanese paper hinges, slip hinges and corners.  Our choice in the appropriate hinging method is based on the papers characteristics and tolerances; we use BEVA 371 film, Jade and Rice Starch based adhesives.

Glazing (glass and acrylic) is to protect artwork from its external environment as well as to provide optimize viewing.  We advise on the most suitable glazing to protect the work based on its UV susceptibility, requirements for reflection control and its ultimate display environment.  We offer glazing options in premium clear, UV control, Anti reflection properties and for both UV control and Anti reflection properties.  All options are offered in glass and acrylic.
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